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If you have repeatedly thought about something that would not hurt to somehow accelerate the process of gaining muscle mass, and came to the conclusion that sports pharmacology cannot be dispensed with, then before you buy steroids, you need to familiarize yourself with their mechanism of action , features of the intake and varieties of the drug. Keep in mind that steroid cycles are different from each other, and what is suitable for beginners will not be effective for professionals at all.

Anabolic steroids or, as they are also called anabolics, translated from the Greek language means "building up", which already speaks for itself. Steroids are a group of drugs that unites the fact that they all mimic the male sex hormone testosterone, which promotes muscle growth. Due to this, there is an active production of protein in muscle fibers, from which muscle formation occurs. Thanks to the efforts of scientists and developers, anabolics have much more positive properties:

  • Steroids accelerate protein synthesis, and this leads to an increase in the body's strength indicators.
  • Anabolics increase stamina, which helps to train longer and more efficiently.
  • Steroids start the process of burning subcutaneous fat
  • The elimination of stagnant fluid in the body is also a plus in the piggy bank of steroids.
  • Activation of muscle memory, so that after the termination of the cycle, the gained weight remains with you.
  • Steroids are able to inhibit the natural aging of cells.

The results that can be achieved by taking steroids in one cycle (4-6 weeks):

-Increased muscle mass up to 10 kg
-Increased Strength and Stamina
Improving blood circulation, and, as a result, improving metabolism
-Significant reduction in body fat
-Increased appetite
-Increase libido

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